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media Turki rujukan

Media Turki rujukan

Berikut merupakan beberapa media Turki rujukan: 1. TRT TRT, merupakan semua saluran, media resmi perintah Turki. TRT mendukung pemerintah siapapun pemegang kekuasaan. Ini seperti TVRI di Indonesia. 2. Anadolu Agency (AA) Statusnya seperti Antara di Indonesia, kantor berita resmi. Sikap dan posisinya sama seperti  TRT. 3. Daily Sabah (DS) Ini...
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Ankara, Jakarta important Muslim democracies: parliament speaker

TURKINESIA.NET - ANKARA. Turkey and Indonesia are two important democracies in the Muslim world, Turkey's parliament speaker said Friday . Speaking at reception of the 74th independence of Indonesia in Ankara, Mustafa Şentop said the two countries needed to strengthen their strategic partnership. "Turkey and Indonesia need to increase the...
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The forgotten history connecting modern Turkey and Malaysia

The Ottoman state and the rest of the Muslim world were far more interconnected than we realise today. What lessons do those connections hold? As an Ottoman historian of the 19th century, I often think to myself that after all that I read and teach regarding the Ottomans that there...